every couple of months, I see companies in the high tech industry (that are building hightech products themselves) struggle with work arounds for self signed SSL certificates that somehow "magically" made their way to productive systems. One special case in that row of stupidity are traveler servers. Even a moron of an admin can install and configure them, install a self signed ssl certificate and pull it out into the public. And then put the IT-Directors phone on it. And it works. Him (being the great IT Director) tells all his management colleagues that own 650,- $ Smartphones from Samsung or Apple by the dozens, how easy it is to hook up to traveler. And all of a sudden, the Poc Server of our moron admin becomes the production server that has to be available all the time.
Now, someone in the IT Department tells the admin to ask for wildcard ssl certificate that would cost the same as an upper class smartphone for a year - guess what happens: the IT-Director denies the money. Too expensive. Works fine now, eh ? Why bother ?
And of course the stupidity continues on like that - can't we send our email to our provider via SSL using a self signed certificate ? Yay, that works as well ! A great step forward for your mail safety. Until someone from outside the company starts sending mails about how to buy viagra and much nastier stuff via your providers email server in your name because your provider still trusts self signed certificates that pretend to be you. Outrageous !
Does our moron admin know about this ? Well, it depends. He starts to think that something is fishy here, when emails don't get delivered to external mail domains any more. Because your domain is skyrocketing the spam lists. Then, all of a sudden, you can't send any mails anymore, because your provider stops accepting your self certified ssl certifikate. And you IT director doesn't get his latest invitation to a golf tournament anymore. Oh boy, we are so f****d up !
Sounds familiar ? Well, we got called to three different companies who acted like this in this year alone. Guess who got fired for that chain of desasters ? The ISP that accepted the self signed certificates for mails in the first place because the customers asked them to, no begged them on their knees to not let the company die because of the high-priced SSL Certificate.

Repeat after me - you get what you pay for.


P.S.: One of these companies is now moving their mail to Gmail. Needless to say they are developing high tech products and send beta designs from their customers back and forth by email. They have signed NDA agreements for those design betas because their customers don't want third parties not to see them. But man, it's that cheap, how can you possibly go wrong ?! And we got rid of our moron admin as well, because our secretary can manage the email accounts now, how cool is that ?!
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While working on an Xpages Workflow Engine of one of our customers, I came across a requirement to do backend field validations in SSJS. As the field validation is done via the workflow engine, we were not able to use standard validators. The engine was able to do this already and would eventually spit out validation errors based using addFacesMessage() and a default Error Messages Control.

The fields to check for are defined in the workflow step definitions. In there, I added not only the field names to check but also to corresponding ids from the XPage controls to that definitions. Now, the workflow engine does the validation on fields and attributes and returns a list of ids that are invalid that are stored in a session scope variable for the sake of simplicity. We will be moving this to a bean sometime in the future. To highlight the fields now, I use an additional attribute in the xpages controls that I call "highlighted":

Image:SSJS Field Validation and highlighting of fields without standard validators

This computes a value of "1" if it's part of the invalid ids list and "0" if not. Like this:

try  {

var me:javax,faces.component.UIComponent = this;
var myID:String = me.getId();

var invalidFields:String = myBean.getInvalidFieldListAsString();
if(invalidFields) {

if(@Contains(invalidFields,myID) {
return "1";
} else {
return "0";
} else {
return "0";
} catch (e) {
return "0";

To actually highlight the fields, I dynamically change some CSS style values in the onLoad Event by selecting all the nodes with an attribute value of highlighted="1" using dojo.query() like this:

nodeList = dojo.query("[highlighted]");
nodeList.forEach(function(node) {
  try {
    var value = node.attributes["highlighted"].value
    if (value=="1") {
            dojo.setStyle(node, "background", "lightyellow");
            dojo.setStyle(node, "border", "2px solid red");
  } catch (error){

I then set background color and border color respectively. The cool thing about this is that I can also highlight a group of fields by putting them in a separate panel an adding the "highlighted" attribute there as well. I only need to hook up the field to validate with the id of a specific panel. the result looks like this:

Image:SSJS Field Validation and highlighting of fields without standard validators
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just a quick tipp - I was looking for a solution on how to launch attachments in an XPINC application without downloading them first and eventually came up with a solution. My problem was, that I had multiple attachments in the documents I had to deal with. The attachments were Office documents, PDFs and even MP4 video files, so a wide range of formats.

The basic idea behind my solution is to use a notes:\\\ Link to open the corresponding Notes Document from my XPINC app and let LotusScript handle the process of launching the attachment. My only problem was how to let LotusScript know, which attachment I wanted to launch. One idea was to create temporary documents and to use the launch first attachment functionality, but I did not want to create and delete additional documents.

So, here's what I came up with in a nutshell: Environment variables. Still remember them ? Yeah, back in Notes 2 and 3 they were huge, but they are still around and guess what - even XPages can work with them. So, to handle my attachments, I created a repeat control for a table, that lists all the attachments in the Notes backend document as one table row. This look like this:

Image:Launch Attachments in XPINC app (Windows only !)

This is the SSJS to select all my attachments for the repeat control:

var alist = document1.getAttachmentList("Body");

if (alist.isEmpty()) {

     return null;

} else {

     var alisti = alist.iterator();

     var names = new java.util.Vector();

     while (alisti.hasNext()) {

             var content:String = alisti.next().getName().toString();



     return names;


The control renders a link for each attachment showing its name. The link contains an onClick-Event that takes care about creating the notes:/// link to the document itself and to set an environment variable with the name of the attachment to launch. I use the view.postscript construct to redirect to the notes document, this automagically opens in a new notes window.

Here's the code for that, "docs" is my variable from the repeat control that carries the name of the attachment, document1 is the document datasource:

var aname:String = docs.toString();

var replid = database.getReplicaID();

var baseurl:String = "

var url:String = baseurl+"?OpenDocument&AttachmentName="+docs.toString();



In Notes, I have used the ShellExecute command - I remebered the shellexec.lss of Julian Robicheaux, you can find it here: http://www.nsftools.com/tips/WinTips.htm

So, in the Notes Document, I used the QueryOpen Event to launch the attachment and stop the Notes Document from opening - et voilà !

Image:Launch Attachments in XPINC app (Windows only !)

Here's my code in the query open event:

Sub Queryopen(Source As Notesuidocument, Mode As Integer, Isnewdoc As Variant, Continue As Variant)

     On Error Goto fehler

     Dim doc As NotesDocument

     Dim obj As NotesEmbeddedObject

     Dim aname As String

     Dim AgentArgs List As String

     Dim db As NotesDatabase

     Dim s As New NotesSession

     Dim result As Long

     Dim rtitem As Variant

     Set db = s.CurrentDatabase

     Set doc = Source.Document

     aname = s.GetEnvironmentString("CurrentAttachment")

     'Msgbox "File: "+aname

     Set rtitem = doc.Getfirstitem("Body")

     If (rtitem.Type = RICHTEXT) Then

             Set obj= rtitem.GetEmbeddedObject(aname)

             aname = "c:\windows\temp\" & aname

             Call obj.Extractfile(aname)

             result = ShellExecute(0, "open", aname, "", "",1)        

     End If

     Goto raus


     Msgbox Error$+" at line: "+Cstr(Erl())

     Resume raus


     continue = False

End Sub

As always - there are tons of ways to do this better/easier/with less code - let me know. I have been looking around for some time now and this is the best I came up with so far.

Happy coding !

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So back from Orlando, the next conference is waiting:

My colleague Patrick and I from Harbour Light Ltd.  will be speaking about the technical aspects on how to integrate IBM Connections as the social media components for Adobe AEM. It's a brief discussion, but we will share some insights on the technical aspects on how we have been building our social rendering components for Adobe AEM.
We will show the development patterns we used, discuss the potential integration points to IBM Connections and the differences between the Connections REST Service API and the Social Business Toolkit. We will briefly touch the area of Single Sign On concepts and ideas behind our Web SSO product IMPRISIS STS and will also give a demo that shows the Adobe AEM components and workflows we have built.

The presentation should as well give you a starting point on what is necessary to integrate the two products, why (for us) it seems a good idea to do that, and what business benefits your customers can get from using Social Business Software with Adobe AEM.

A first demo and round trip can be found here.

See you in London !
Heiko Voigt   |   18 February 2014 18:57:31   |    Adobe  IBM  AEM  Connections  IMPRISIS    |    [0]

10 February 2014 Monday

Connect 2014 - my impressions


back from the States and from Canada, a couple of people asked me about my impressions from Connect 2014. Well, here they come:
  • First of all, for us, it was an extremely successfull event this year, mostly related to the business meetings we had during the event, less because of session content or announcements. So was it worth the trip ? Yes absolutely.
  • Is MailNext appealing to me ? From what we have seen yes, but it's still all smoke and mirrors. I am looking forward to see an actual implementation of what's the real deal, then we will see.
  • The OGS ? Well, sort of OK but somewhat boring for me. Interesting customers, but I was missing the vibe. The hosts and special guests were boring for me, and personally, I don't like jokes about killing Osama Bin Laden in a business conference opening session. Please, spend some money on special guests that have some personality or leave it completely !
  • What about Connections ? A lot of new features have been announcend, which is great, the biggest change however for me is, that, if you really want to deeply customize Connections from a UI perspective, you now know how IBM wants you to do that: Install Portal and WCM on top or besides of the whole connections caboodle and use social rendering. That is expensive but it will leverage all the investment IBM took regarding web experience management, analytics and campaign management. This will also extend the reach of Connections to the extranet and brings WCM and Portal back to the intranet stack. I know some business partners that haven't been amused about that. Connections to me is more and more becoming a middleware service layer for social components, which I think is actually the way to go forward with this product. There is no use in investing tons to build a custom Connections UI - there are so many tools out in the market that do this way better than that.
  • ND ? Well, XPages it still is, the rest is loosing traction. It pretends to be a renewal cash cow and is so far part of MailNext, but we will see how this plays out.
  • Softlayer becomes more and more important and is an interesting hosting solution for us as well. Besides some hurdles in their setup process, to me, the offerings work very well from a pure technical standpoint.
  • Sessions ? Some cool ones, lots of stuff that was not new - I would love to see some fresh faces and new topics on the technical part instead of a lot of the re-cooked stuff from the past years. The marketing sessions and Jumpstarts were really well done this year for me.
  • The audience: very little amount of actual customers (by counting colors of badges), tons of IBMers, which, for me, is not bad per se. Less partners or different ones. Good talks though, so that mixture worked for me up until the Sales academy kicked in on thursday and each and wvery seat in the lobbies were taken by IBM sales guys with laptops and phones.

So, these are my five cents.

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Well, well, well, we did a lot of demos about IMPRISIS CA this week at Connect 2014 in Orlando, so we decided to record a short demo video and to put it on YouTube.

So, if you are interested to see a small portion of the product in action go here:

IMPRISIS CA Demo on integration of IBM Connections and Adobe Experience Manager

You can also follow us over at Harbour Light Ltd. !


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  • Bookmarks ? Check !
  • Liking ? Check !
  • Forums ? Check !
  • Communties ? Check !
  • Business Card ? Check !
  • Single Sign on ? Check !

Demo is coming together ! See the Screenshot of a public forum from Connections in the Adobe Geometrixx Demo Site !

Image:Connect 2014 - finishing touches on Demo for Connector between IBM Connections and Adobe AEM
Heiko Voigt   |   26 January 2014 23:42:30   |    connect  IMPRISIS  Adobe  CQ5  AEM    |    [0]

Harbour Light Software Development Ltd. announces their integration product IMPRISIS(tm) CA, a connector technology for Adobe WEM and IBM Connections that allows you to utilize IBM Connections Components in a Adobe WEM powered website.

We will be in Orlando next week to demo the solution - whoever is interested, get in touch with us !

Here's the announcement letter, more details on their website !

Harbour Light Software Development
announces IMPRISIS(tm) CA !

Shelburne, January 23rd 2014.
Harbour Light Software Development Ltd., a software development and consulting company focusing on social business solutions is pleased to announce the first product of their IMPRISIS(tm) family of integration products - IMPRISIS(tm) CA.

This new and unique solution offering connects two market leading product families - the social intranet platform IBM Connections and the web content management platform Adobe Web Experience Manager (WEM).
Using IMPRISIS(tm) CA, Adobe WEM customers can now leverage all of the social components that IBM Connections offers in a component based manner. They can create and re-use IBM Connections Components like

  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Activity Streams
  • Bookmarks
  • and many more...
in their web presence projects within Adobe WEM. These components can be placed anywhere inside the web content, they follow the content flow of the surrounding web site.
IMPRISIS(tm) CA delivers a set of Sidekick components, that allow content authors to place IBM Connections components anywhere within their web sites. They can even create new IBM Connections components right from their Adobe Authoring environment !
The first version of IMPRISIS(tm) CA will focus on integrating IBM Connections components into Adobe WEM. Future versions will also offer integration the other way round - we are working on Embedded Experiences and Widgets for IBM Connections to consume Adobe WEM content.

Stay tuned for more !

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29 November 2013 Friday

Tequila ?!

Well, I don't know if they are REALLY trustworthy....

Image:Tequila ?!
Nice security warning when starting the installer for Domino 9.0.1 on Windows 64 bit...
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27 June 2013 Thursday

DHTMLX-Controls in XPages

Over the past weeks I have been working on a large XPages Project that got me into using more advanced GUI Controls than those coming with Designer. The customer was already using DHTMLX Controls in other products so I decided to go with this framework with the XPages side of things as well.

The integration pattern was very straight foreward, I had Backend-Request-Scope Beans, JSON-RPC-Services and XAgents to implement a REST-API and JSON as the data transport format. The DHTMLX-Controls integrate very well into the XPages environment and allow easy-to-use CRUD operations on complex controls like this scheduler control here:

Image:DHTMLX-Controls in XPages

The control offers drag&drop operations, a customizable edit box, creation of new events and more. Everything is stored as JSON-data that is returned to the Domino Server to track changes and additions or deletions.

Take a look at a GANTT Chart representation here:

Image:DHTMLX-Controls in XPages

This representation is similar to the one above, actually, they use the same services and data.

The DHTMLX Suite offers a ton of controls and components as well as an excellent documentation. To create more Desktop like applications, I think it's worth to take a look. It is a commercial product but there's a GNU GPL licensed version as well to get started.

Happy coding !


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