2 September 2015 Wednesday

New IMPRISIS Tools coming this fall


so after some quiet time due to personal reasons, we will ramp up our next phase of integration tools between red and blue so to speak, meaning Adobe Sites and the IBM software stack.

In September, we will launch two new products, one is called IMPRISIS WCA - it connects IBM WebSphere Commerce and Adobe Sites, integrating into the Adobe Commerce Framework but also adding a lot more of the unique features of IBM WebSphere Commerce on the API level. The official announcement will be coming in shortly.
As well in September, IMPRISIS DA, the integration of Adobe Sites and IBM Domino will roll out in version one, which includes mainly Mail and Calendar integration scenarios. Stay tuned for more infos on this as well. Here's a Screenshot of the current Calendar implementation using the DHTMLX-Scheduler.

Image:New IMPRISIS Tools coming this fall

On top of that, we are working on more integration components like IMPRISIS XA which is supposed to be the sibling of IMPRISIS DA in the Microsoft space for Mail and Calendar purposes. We are also working on an integration of IBM Connections with Liferay Portal that utilizes the API functionality and the SSO components already built for IMPRISIS CA and IMPRISIS STS.

Last but not least, you can see and touch the products in a couple of events in the fall. We will be presenting at:
We are looking forward to see you on at least one of these events !


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