24 February 2020 Monday

Join us at Engage 2020 in Arnhem !

Join us at Engage 2020 !!

Image:Join us at Engage 2020 in Arnhem !

Enage is only a few days away now - with 400+ registered participants, so it's getting tight to get all geared up and prepared for it.

This year, I have the please to have a talk about bringing XPages applications one step into the future by using the AppDev Pack and React with one of my customers, Herwig Köhler from the Province of Rheinland-Pfalz. We will be demoing the enhancements of their XPages landscape.

This years’ Engage will take part in Arnhem (Netherlands) at the Burgers’ Zoo March 3rd/4th, 2020 and you should really consider to attend ! Only a few seats are left, so hurry to register, if you haven’t already.

Our session will be on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 from 1:30-2:30pm at the Tree Tops Lodge


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