once again, we have the honor to present at the AEM Hub Conference 2015 in London in September. We will be talking about building a social intranet using Adobe AEM and 3rd party products:

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Session Title: How to build a Social Intranet using Adobe AEM and existing 3rd party products.

Session Option: Breakout session

Session Description

In this session, we will demonstrate how it is possible to build a unique experience for a social intranet that utilizes existing third party components like MS Exchange / IBM Domino and IBM Connections for social functionality and personal information to become an integral part of a community driven intranet.

Our social intranet features personal  activity streams, email and calendaring, file sharing with peers and partners, discussions, blogs and wikis, individual team and topic communities as well as basic social functionality like tagging, liking, @mentions and recommendations combined with social analytics. All components are served up through Adobe AEM and can be customized to a corporate identity and in features and functions. We will demonstrate the features live on stage and talk about sample projects and the code to build a social intranet.

We are really looking forward to this excellent event, thanks to the Cognifide Crew to make this happen ! See you there !

Check out https://www.harbour-light.com !


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