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2018 - my year in revue

Image:2018 - my year in revue
So, welcome 2019 ! This last year went by in a blast for me, I was more busy than ever running Harbour Light in Canada and Co-Running SIT in Germany. Both ventures have been very successful in 2018 - we grew our customer base, extended our product portfolio and most of all made the shift from a pure IBM shop to a full stack development and project management organization.
We had a lot of new technologies coming into our stack this year - the first AI and VR/AR applications went live. We have our first implementations of Apples AR solutions as well as the first productive applications using Microsofts Hololens product. A very strong discipline we had to invest in 2017 was API Design and this payed off in 2018 - being able to develop middleware in an agile way using AI services and multi cloud environments became essential to our business. Our first large application in that area was presented at DNUG, ICON UK and DNUG Developer Days and we will see a C3UG Video shortly.
My special thanks go out to my employees on both sides of the pond - my two little ones took a huge chunk of my professional time again this year as daycare is still more a concept in germany than a relieable infrastructure component. Without my employees covering my back whenever needed, I would have run aground several times this year. A big thank you goes to Gaby - our Nanny, without you, we would not have been able to run our professional life, so thank you !

Besides my two companies, I had some off-time ventures that really gave me joy as it was so much fun to work with talented and gifted people from Canada throughout the year - C3UG and our video series became a very interesting way for me to talk to other yellow bleeders and to discuss news, products and features in a fun and intuitive way. So Scott, Colin, Graham - thanks for a great year and I am looking forward to new things coming up in 2019.

Our beloved Domino Environment took new flight in 2018 - and after some twists and turns (I vented about this already) the future for a lot of the former ICS portfolio seems to have a bright future ahead at HCL. I personally would love to see these products thriving again and it would be great to be part of this journey in the future. This includes Connections and I product I really like for a long time already - WebSphere Portal.

The world became no safer place in 2018 and wont be in 2019 - I generally do not like where isolationism is taking our western societies, we will see what happens this year in the EU regarding the elections and Brexit. The economy is looking stable still but its crumbling on the edges, lets hope for a stable year 2019 here as well. I won't be venting here about politics - reality is more absurd than comedy or satire. That's more than telling for me.

Right before christmas, I received a nice email from IBM letting me know that I will be an IBM Champion for ICS in 2019 ! Thanks to everyone who voted for me, even though I might not have been politically correct all the time - I am really looking forward to work with this group of passionate, talented and gifted people in 2019. And I am grateful for this honor - I had some dreams in my professional life - speaking at lotusphere once (done that in 2016) and becoming an IBM champion was among them. So thank you all for making it possible to remove one item from my bucket list !

May 2019 be a good year with health and prosperity for all my readers, friends, families and colleagues - let's stay in touch !


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