Image:In between two user group meetings (C3UG and the upcoming DNUG event in Berlin)
Just a quick note after a successful presentation at the Cross Canadian User Group last week about integrating Amazon Alexa and IBM Verse, we are getting our gear together for DNUG in Berlin at the end of the month. We will be presenting an XPages solution in a 30 minute slot there and I am really looking forward to seeing all the old and new guys at the new DNUG.

I really enjoy the back and forth between the two continents - C3UG has been a great success so far and I am really hoping that this group will be growing bigger and bigger over time. The new DNUG on the other hand will hopefully gain back its former strength in the DACH region.

For all of you who did not take a look at the DNUG event on May 31st/ June 1st yet - here's the link to the agenda: DNUG Agenda

I think this is a great lineup of speakers and topics - at a very nice venue !

See you there ?

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