Image:Graham Acres and I will be presenting at Collabsphere !

I am more than honored to have the opportunity to present at CollabSphere once again together with
my great colleague from C3UG, Graham Acres. A big thank you to Richard Moy and his team
for setting this event up and for having us as presenter. We are really looking forward to it !

I hope to see all of you there - it's a virtual event so no excuses for travel this year. And - it's free !

Main site:

This is our session:

Infrastructure and Integration

: HCL Domino AppDev Pack - The Future of Domino App Dev Nobody Knows


The AppDev Pack was added to Domino in V10 as a way for Domino to
enter into the world of full stack web development. It has only grown since
then but for whatever reason inside and outside of HCL it gets treated like
the ugly duckling of the family. It is easily the most important step
forward for your XPages apps, not to mention being accessible to a new crop
of young JavaScript developers. Graham and Heiko love this little duckling
and want to share with you the power that HCL have given us. We will
demonstrate how it is not one but two ducklings now that we have Java
bindings as well. Be prepared for Concepts, Demos and Code that will help
these ducklings turn into beautiful swans in your Domino environment.
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