Another quarter has passed and once again HCL delivered on its promise to keep the update cadences for the HCL Domino AppDevPack to a release every quarter. Heiko and Graham sit down with Gordon Hegfield to go through the new features and updates !
Check out this new overview video here:


One new piece of the AppDevPack are the new Java Bindings. To help with a head start, we also created a video to share some quick sample code, as well as a github repo where you can grab that code. Have fun !

Video link for the Java Sample:


And the Corresponding GitHub Repo:


Oh yes, and check out our free online training for the AppDevPack as well:


Kind regards,

Heiko for C3UG
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Marcelo Castro    https://www.tdec.com.br    16.07.2020 21:03:50

I would like to thank you and Graham for all the work you have put togheter to help us. It's a great start to help us face all the complex documentation and to kick start out journey. I would like to ask you about the the dependency DQL has upon FTSearch and the fact that is does not work well with instant indexing in big databases (mine take at least 40 seconds to update the 200 docs). Do you have any opinion on that?