10 September 2018 Monday

My speakers sessions in September

Good day,

Developing more and more using Watson APIs, React and Node.JS, I will be speaking at several occasions about an epic venture we took on this year.

First, I will start off at ICON UK later this week:


My talk will be around one of our first large AI based projects for a customer in Canada - digging out important emails from various channels based on personal profiling and machine learning. I will talk about the pitfalls and the overall approach we took to reach our goal.

If you can't make it to ICONUK, you can meet me at the "DNUG Entwicklertag" on September 25th in Koblenz, where I will be speaking about the same topic:


And if you can't make it to this event, well, then you will have to wait for the recorded presentation from C3UG, the Cross Canada Collaboration User Group later this month. If you haven't seen our videos from Connect and Engage (the Maple Lounge Sessions), I encourage you to take a look here:


Hope to see you guys soon at any of these locations !

Have fun & take care


P.S. - yes, "speakers" sessions. I'm travelling with an Amazon Echo Dot and a set of bluetooth speakers. The are the stars of the rodeo. So there's that.
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