Image:I will be speaking at CollabSphere 2019 about Domino AppDev Pack, Node.JS, React and OAuth !

Look what made it's way to my inbox recently, after Hurricane Dorian finally made its way out of Nova Scotia:

CollabSphere 2019


Congratulations, your session titled: "What is Cool with the Domino AppDev
Pack, OAuth, Proton and Node.js, and Why Would I use it in my Domino Apps
Anyway?" has been accepted for MWLUG/CollabSphere 2019.

Thanks to Richard Moy and the Collabsphere Team for accepting this session that I will be happily co-presenting with Graham Acres from Brytek Systems in Vancouver.
This will NOT be the same-old stuff from Engage and DNUG but a renewed and revised version with lot's of new stuff included so stay tuned !


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