12 May 2011 Thursday

What were they thinking ?


there are days in our business, my dear readers, that really become frustrating. First of all, I forgot to take my BB with me this morning - so no phone, no BBM - a bit cut off from communication. This seemed to be a sign for what's to come today. I visitid one of my largest customers that is still on Notes 7 and asked about their progress to move to 8.x on the client. They have decided to move to the 8.5.2 Basic client, I was told. Old and lame hardware is one of the reasons for that, I assume, but I was really hoping for a move that would be a little bit more bold for the future - give the standard client to the power users and create a strategy to move thin client users to a iNotes/XPages browser based client model. Something the REALLY deserves the word "decision for the future".

It seems that decisions like that are difficult - it's easier to go down the easy path - nothing really changes with the basic client. Nothing for the better for the users mainly. Really a missed chance for something more.


Highlight: some days off in lovely Canada coming up. Phew.

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David Leedy    http://notesin9.com    12.05.2011 14:39:59

What does the standard client really offer that the users care about?

Sidebar... or that's cool and the built in sametime is much better in standard then basic.

Composite Apps - Who cares? How many people really got into this?

XPages In the Notes Client - That's cool - especially if you have people that replicate and want to use the data off-line. But I won't exactly call XPiNC ready for "Prime Time" yet.

Prettier mail interface - Pretty is always better.

Are there other differences that are worth while? I really don't know...

But for the user Speed Kills. Slowness brings out a hatred for notes. Personally I'd rather deploy the basic client unless there was a really big need for some of these things. I'd rather put the focus in the iNotes/XPages model and become less focused on the client and more on the browser. Unless there's that replication need, I'd sooner see all apps go web apps.

Maybe I'm missing something else with the clients...

Heiko Voigt    http://www.sit.de    12.05.2011 14:52:06

Hi David,

they have a whole bunch of power users that would like to work with sidebar tools ans plugins. we piloted several plugins for Notes->Symphony->PDF interfacing, LotusLive integration, Connections and so forth ! But you're right - that's not the sole approach. As I mentioned below, I would rather like to see them going down a mixed road - standard clients as 'standard' and moving to the web model over time.


Giulio       13.05.2011 5:53:43

As technologists we have the trait of creating visions of "what we can do". It's a useful trait in helping deliver exceptional results for customers. It can also get in the way of getting the job done, like the difference between a "purist" and a "pragmatist".

If "what we can do" is not meaningful to the client's context and needs, then you get pragmatic decisions like "we'll go with Notes basic".