12 September 2011 Monday

New Blackberry & some playbook tipps


so this is my first blog post from my brand new BB Torch 9860. Wow, what a cool media device ! Very snappy, excellent touch screen, perfect sound and camera and all with the good old BES infrastructure. After migrating my device (Bold 9700 OS6) to the new torch, I ran into some trouble with the BB Bridge not connecting to the Playbook on the new phone.

Thanks to crackberry.com, I got it working after a few tricks. So, for everyone not knowing how:

If you are experiencing Bridge issues, please try the following:

- Delete Bluetooth pairs on both the BlackBerry Smartphone and the PlayBook
- Go to Options
- Go to Network and Connections
- Go to Bluetooth Connections
- Press the menu key and choose MAP Options
- Uncheck all options under Message Services
- Press the Back button and choose to Save
- Within the Bluetooth Connections screen, press the menu key
- Select Options
- Under Serial Port Profile, uncheck everything but Data Transfer
- Press the Back button and choose Save

After going through these steps, please restart both the BlackBerry Smartphone and the PlayBook then attempt to use BlackBerry Bridge again.

Then, my 2nd tipp around the playbook is the Samsung Micro HDMI to VGA Adapter. A really nice tool to hook up your playbook to beamers and monitors with analog (VGA) entry as not all companies already have HDMI devices yet. I have tested it now for a few weeks, it's small and handy - works like a charm. And it comes with a nice Blackberry black color as well ;-).

So have fun with BB 7 devices - I will !

Regards, Heiko
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