IBM Domino domino-db for Node.js First Look: Will it leave you angry and disappointed?

The new Node.js module for IBM Domino, domino-db, is available from IBM in Beta. This video presents our first impressions of the module. Both Colin and Heiko used the quick start guide included in the download to test it. Our goal is to answer the question: will using this module leave you angry and disappointed?

The demos in the video show the basic use of the module. IBM has included a Notes database in the download that you can interact with. Colin does a query, using the new Domino Query Language, written in Node and Express. Heiko does a demo of a CRUD operation against the database. Heiko also illustrates how to take the first steps in setting up a secure connection between the Express app and the Domino server.

You can sign up for the Beta program and start playing with this yourself. Register here:

Here's the link to the video:


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