13 January 2011 Thursday

Blackberry Bold 9700 on BB OS 6


almost a week ago, I upgraded my BB Bold 9700 to BB OS 6 - and I'm really impressed to say the least. The upgrade itself was done in about 45 minutes (inlcuding backup and restore of apps, data and enterprise messaging). The phone feels much snappier, no lags, a lot more reactive. Most of the basic apps I use benefit from a nicer and more intuitive interface. One of the best things yet are the new configuration screens that are much less cluttered than the old ones, especially the network configuration screens for bluetooth and WiFi.
The best thing though is the new browser version - fast, really usable and overall so much better than the old ones.

I hope that RIM decides to bring more devices with OS 6 - it's a huge step foreward that really closes the gap to other mobile platforms.

To all who waited - give BB OS 6 a try on your Bold !

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Scott Marchione       13.01.2011 21:52:39

Now if only RIM would release a version in the US!