it's a little bit more than a month now, that I am using the Blackberry Playbook as my current tablet work experience. Overall, I have to say I'm pretty happy with it so far. A lot of problems other seemed to encounter did not hit me, so I'm pretty happy. I don't find the power-on button too small, Blackberry Bridge works fine with my Bold 9700 and I really like Documents to go to work on proposals or do presentations.
Using aVNC I can manage my servers while being inside the copororate Wireless LAN, I use BlueBox to hook up to DropBox, the Facebook Client that got a lot more funcionality during the last firmware update, the twitter app, fourplay for foursquare and Conqu for task management. You will guess what Mindmaps does, and PhotoTouch-Up gives me a quick way to pretty up my snapshots from the camera. Web Conferencing works fine for me with Adobe Connect, I was able to sync my videos and audio files from my Netgear NAS at home.

What other apps do I use ? Tungle.Me, ScrapBook, BubbleBirds, AirBrowser, DBase and Scroodle. For RSS Feeds I use Pipeline. What am I missing ? AngryBirds, for sure ;-). And a lot of the cool AR-Stuff that's available on the iPad and on Android Devices.

I started developing for the playbook two weeks ago and hope to have my first app ready soon - so stay tuned. Hopefully, we will see camera support for the AIR SDK pretty soon. Anyone out there who knows more about this ?

What else do I have to say ? The hardware is great, computing power is spectacular, the display is great and the gestures required are *really* easy to learn. And I like the form factor - it sneaks in every pocket. Battery life tends to be within 1 1/2 business days. This could be better for me - especially as my bold lasts for 4-5 business days. Software updates over the air (three updates since I bought the device) worked fine - no problems so far. I hope for more apps and more developers to pick up this tablet.

Do you need a blackberry phone to be happy with the playbook ? Well, currently you're lacking the PIM experience not having a bridged blackberry. So I would recommend one. Overall, the playbook is a good start. I'm looking foreward to the models with UMTS and PIM support without the bridge. So, RIM, please keep up the pace !

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