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new releases are dropping in for christmas - Lotus Quickr 8.5.1 for Domino is available for download.
The follwoing features are new in this minor release:

IBM® Lotus® Quickr™ 8.5.1 for Lotus Domino® delivers the following new features and functionality:
  • A direct upgrade path from the 8.1 version of Lotus Quickr to version 8.5.1 using the standard upgrade procedure.
  • The ability for users to take Lotus Quickr places offline, make changes to the places, and then synchronize the changes with the online version of the place on the server. This capability includes updating custom lists (a new feature in the Lotus Quickr 8.5 release).
  • Imports and exports of Microsoft Excel 2007 files.
  • Full interoperability with the recently released Lotus Connections 3.0.
  • Support for BIDI (bi-directional) languages.
I was not able yet to find out, whether there are working connectors for Win 7 64bit available already (Windows Explorer Integration that is) or not. Have to check... .

so far so good,

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Comments (2)

Albert Buendia       16.12.2010 14:40:24

And Quickr connectors for Mac are still not available :((

Matthias       16.12.2010 20:19:21

still no support for the connectors under win7 64bit. Very very bad!!!