16 May 2019 Thursday

Impressions from Engage 2019

Wow, these were three great days !

This has been my 2nd Engage Conference that i attended, the first one as a speaker. Theo Heselmans really outdid himself again this year by finding a cool venue (Autoworld Brussels) and topping it off with perfect logistics like always.

The first day on monday (pre-conference) was used to help set up the venue and to start to dive into the community be meeting my fellow yellow peeps being other business partners and IBM Champions. The IBM Champions happy hour at the Sofitel was highly appreciated (thanks Libby !) and the first evening finished off with talks amongst friends having italian pizza and a glass of wine at the sofitel bar.

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019

Day 1 of the conference started with a great keynote session with several speakers. The most impressive one for me was delivered by Richard Jefts (HCL), announcing and speaking about Digital Solutions, the new organisational home for the ICS portfolio inside HCL.

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019

The Maple lounge attended Engage as well one more year and you will see interviews with Tim Clark (HCL) about the HCL Masters program as well as an interview with Francois Nasser about the HCL Partner porgrams and sales processes inside HCL shortly on the C3UG youtube channel.

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019

I attended roundtables and sessions for the rest of the day, I especially liked Knut Herrman's session about building web components for Domino and the future directions for the AppDevPack and DQL by Dan Dumont.

Theo invited us to a VIP dinner in the evening in Brussels - food at talks where fantastic.

Wednesday, Day 2 started mostly in preparing my own session, but I was able to attend the Notes 11 preview with Ram Krishnamurthy - we saw a first glimpse of Notes 11 including PDF Export and Meetings extending over midnight !

My session later in the morning with Graham Acres abaout the Domino AppDev Pack, React and Node.JS was well received - the room was packed and the Demo worked as planned:

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019
Thanks Serdar Bergamez and Paul Harrison for taking pictures and shoot the video !

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019
The audience was able to use the demo app live and they did ! The slides and the code will be available from the C3UG Github Repo shortly.

In the afternoon I visited the Domino on Docker Bootcamp with Thomas Hampel and Daniel Nashed and the Domino and SSO session by Danielle Vistalli - two great sessions again !

Finally, Theo closed the doors with a farewell drink and the IBM Champions picture of the year and finished it off with a speakers dinner at the Atomium in Brussels - as my flight went out early, I wasn't able to attend that but lucky enough, the day later, brussles aiport was on strike and I would have probably missed my flights back home

Image:Impressions from Engage 2019

Thanks again Theo + Hilde for this great event - I am looking forward to next year already. For those of you who were not able to see our session - feel free to visit us at DNUG on June 4th and 5th in Essen, Germany !



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