17 January 2012 Tuesday

Lotus Traveler & BB PlayBook ?


Lotusphere 2012 sees its second day and there were some findings I had in the fineprint between the OGS and other sessions and talks during the day. IBM (Lotus ?) Traveler will support the complete ActiveSync stack in the near future - this adds a nice perspective coming from the RIM/BlackBerry Part of the game - PlayBook OS 2.0 will add native Mail, Contacts and Calendaring based on (inofficially) - guess what - ActiveSync !

So, although it's not officially announced yet, some well informed sources say, we well see the connection to N/D via Traveler for the PlayBook. This also answers questions about problems with multiple device ids for a BB phone and a PlayBook on a BES Server. So basically, Traveler should be sufficient to get PIM data to the PlayBook. For those in need of tighter app and device management, BB Fusion will be the answer to manage both BES phones and PlayBooks in a single management environment.

Cool stuff coming to the BB community !

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Christoph    http://www.heyn.it    12.09.2013 11:17:49

Am I right thinking that I need to have a BES or some other middleware from BB to have my playbook sync with Domino via traveler? For my really small family business environment it would be a little exaggerated to have an additional BES for just two devices ;-)

Heiko Voigt    http://www.sit.de/heikos-blog    12.09.2013 12:32:46

Hi Christoph,

yo do not need a BES server to connect your PlayBook to Traveler. You can configure the PlayBook to use an ActiveSync Account and specify you domino server like:


as the URL for the ActivSync Server.

The PlayBook will sync contacts, mail and calendar entries from traveler directly as BB10 does as well.

I recommend using Domino 9 and the latest traveler fixpacks as for BB10/Playbook, this fixes some calendar issues.