17 September 2007 Monday

Expeditor Mobile Device Clients


kommt mir das nur so vor, oder ist die Liste der unterstützten Geräte deutlich kleiner geworden ? Wo sind der Symbian und der Blackberry-Support hin ?

Aus: IBM Online Hilfe zur Expeditor 6.1 - Using the Lotus Expeditor Client:

Device Support and Limitations

Lotus Expeditor Client is supported on Windows® Mobile 2003 SE and Windows Mobile 5 PPC and Phone Edition devices having at least 12MB of free file system space and 12MB of free memory. However, it is recommended that devices have 16MB of free file system and 16MB of free memory. Additional file system space and memory may be required depending on features and applications installed after Lotus Expeditor Client is installed. However, there are significant limitations in the Windows Mobile memory architecture which may prevent the execution of large applications. Windows Mobile has a per process memory usage limit which can be reached even though there is more than enough memory available within the device. This limitation is more likely to be encountered on Asian language devices since they use more memory resources for locales and character sets.


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