So back from Orlando, the next conference is waiting:

My colleague Patrick and I from Harbour Light Ltd.  will be speaking about the technical aspects on how to integrate IBM Connections as the social media components for Adobe AEM. It's a brief discussion, but we will share some insights on the technical aspects on how we have been building our social rendering components for Adobe AEM.
We will show the development patterns we used, discuss the potential integration points to IBM Connections and the differences between the Connections REST Service API and the Social Business Toolkit. We will briefly touch the area of Single Sign On concepts and ideas behind our Web SSO product IMPRISIS STS and will also give a demo that shows the Adobe AEM components and workflows we have built.

The presentation should as well give you a starting point on what is necessary to integrate the two products, why (for us) it seems a good idea to do that, and what business benefits your customers can get from using Social Business Software with Adobe AEM.

A first demo and round trip can be found here.

See you in London !
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