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it's been a bit quiet again around here for a couple of weeks - we have been extremely busy working on a lot of things in parallel. One milestone we had ahead was to bring our first BB10 App to a start, it's currently in the process of coming to BlackBerry World but we wanted it to be ready for demos before BB10 launches this week.
Image:1st BB10 App is ready - Social Business without Connections ?! So, this is what the start screen looks like. It's a wine tasting app, that lets you take notes on wine tastings and share your knowledge with a wine community. The front end was built with the WebWorks SDK for BB10 and JQueryMobile. And yes, the app is multi-language, too.

[UPDATE:] We decided not to use bbUI.js as we wanted the app to be consistent accross all the other platforms to follow BB10. If you want to create an app that's unique to BB10, bbUI.js is definitely something to check out.[/UPDATE]

All tasting reports are saved locally, the app works off-line of course and your data can be synched back via REST-Services to a Community instance of our XPages Portal (SIT Portal DXP) that runs the web community part of it. I will post some screenshots, when the community goes live. So - Social Business without Connections. Yes, it's possible ;-).

The next steps for this app will be finalizing the port to Android and iOS - and a lot more features are yet to come. Stay tuned, wine lovers... .

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Dragon Cotterill       28.01.2013 13:59:01

Just to help people along; you can get the WebWorks developer package direct from https://developer.blackberry.com/html5/

You can also use the bbUI.js to integrate your apps directly with the BlackBerry hub.