How I  missed these times !

Did I really ? Well somehow. I guess anyone in the IT-Business knows the time of the year where your large projects approach their final state before they appear in public. I'm currently working on my first Adobe CQ5 WCM project that will emerge in public (a closed user group though) in a few hours. I only did small parts of the implementation myself, most of my work was managing a x Million-Euro budget, a herd of developers (10) and the business users of the system (another bunch of 10 people). The audience is a group of 8.000+ users.

We had a great time so far - an excellent project team, strong support from the IT department of the customer as well  as from the  line of business users and managers. Today, we are finishing the last touches, swing the broom to get out the sawdust and make everything look nice and tidy for the customers to walk in tomorrow. It's a humming bunch of people buzzing around that new system, trying to get everything done in time. Very exciting ! It always seems to me that it's like opneing up a booth for CeBIT - two days before the fair starts you have an undefined mess of stuff that still needs to be done and then, all of a sudden, everything seems to start to fall into place, the closer you get to the grand opening.

This was my first project with Adobe CQ5 as WCM system - I have some very interesting findings that I will talk about in a later blog post. For now, I'm just sitting here in the eye of the storm and enjoy a few moments of silence, before the final rush begins. 24 hours left and counting. Please keep your fingers crossed for us !


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