Three exiting days are over - Engage 2020 is already history. And boy it was a fantastic event !

I started out on monday with a HCL Volt hands-on Workshop at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Arnhem, which helped quiet a bit to get a better understanding of the "how-works-what-and-where" of HCL Volt. A big thanks to Martin Lechleiter
and Tim Clark for this. The day ended with the HCL Masters Reception at the Hotel bar this evening,

The next morning we went to the Zoo - Transportation was excellent as always at Engage and the location of the event has been fantastic. Theo and Hilde Heselmans have outdone themselves one more time. A meeting center in the rain forest is one of a kind and the location had all that was needed for a successful event. A big thank-you to Theo and Hilde for the perfect organization of the whole event and the hospitality we always enjoy which makes every Engage such a special moment in time.

HCL kicked off the conference with (canned) demos and roadmaps as well as the theme "Evolve" and asked customers and partners to start evolving with them. Interesting times and lots of goodies coming out of HCL:
HCL Connections

  • Integration of MS Sharepoint in 6.5 CR1/CR2
  • Containerization for ICEC
  • Integration with MS O365 to do round-trip editing
  • Sneak Previews and screenshots from V7
  • Connections Mail Plugin is back
    Notes V11.0.1  
  • SwiftFile will be integrated into the client.
  • From 11.0.1 on an attachments will be rendered by the systems default browser, no longer inside the client
  • Sronger AES keys for Database encryption
  • Setting the background of the workspace via NOTES.INI setting and by policy
    Domino V11.0.1
  • Modifications in the DAOS Tier 2 storage option
  • Domino Web Server supports SNI ( Server Name Indication )
  • Stronger encryption for Notes IDs using stronger RSA keys automatically
  • Lots of DQL Enhancements, most around performance - see C3UG Video Series featuring John Curtis
  •  Deeper integration of AD DirSync: Users created from AD can now be registered in Domino
  • Updated JVMs using OpenJDK
    Notes/Domino V12
  • N/D V12 is planned for  1H/21
  • Two-Factor Authentication for Web Apps and NRPC Clients on Domino
  • Auto-Deployment of IDVault - currently deeply missed in the docker environment
  • Hussa! - Let’s Encrypt integration enabled by default
  • TouchID support for MacOS
    AppDevPack 1.0.4
  • Support for RichText - 1st incarnation, Read/Write of RT-CD-Records
  • New feature: Running Agents from domino-db including handing over Unique IDs and promise-based agent control (domino.db promise will resolve, when agent is done)
  • Bug fixes
    Sametime V11 FP1
  • Persistant Chat on mobile Clients
  • Drag&Drop support for File Transfer
  • Timeframe for FP1: End of March 2020
    Sametime Meeting and A/V V11
  • The meeting component for the new Sametime release will come in Q2/2020 with some great enhancements and a much more easier way to install

Verse on Premises 2.0

  • VoP will become a PWA (Progressive Web App) - works on all Operating Systems
  • New Calendar implementation
  • More search options using date ranges
  • "Send and File" is back for folder operations
  • Integration with HCL Connections 6.5
    HCL Nomad Web
  • Smallest Footprint "Notes" Client using Web Assembly Technology
  • Delivered also as PWA on all operating systems including Linux
  • based on Nomad for Android
  • Public Beta starts soon
    HCL Volt
  •  public beta of HCL Volt is starting beginning of march 2020
  • License terms to be announced soon
    Project Keep
  • Codename for a variety of R&D Projects coming from a team in HCL around Jason Gary, Stefan Wissel and Paul Withers
  • Generic, high performance REST API for Domino data that can be run as a domino independant java component, security based on JWT Tokens and internally based on the Domino JNA API from Karsten Lehmann. Cool stuff !
  • Traversal of LotusScript to TypeScript
  • Several other initiatives around containerizing other domino components that are evolving
  • Currently unclear however if, when and how these components will be available and at what licensing and support terms

">So lot's of new stuff that came out of HCL and a lot to digest in the next months ahead. Also, I noted the term that Domino/ST V12 are so-called "Wow"-Releases to blow people away. Well, I'm excited to see that !


Besides the HCL stuff, I visited several interesting sessions for more details hand I also gave my own one - which was really successful - we had 58 participants and not enough chairs to host them all. Attached, you will find my slide deck.

Image:My Summary from Engage 2020 - plus some advertisment and session slides.
(Me waiting to get started)

Speaking of the term "Evolve" - at Engage, we also announced our latest products - call/mail/message me for interest:

New SIT/Harbour-Light products announced at Engage 2020:

  • IMPRISIS HDR - a generic REST API for HCL Domino based on Node.JS and domino-db
  • IMPRISIS RTA - a RichText REST-API for HCL Domino, including integration in Node.js and XPages using the Froala RichText Editor
  • IMPRISIS SC - a REST-based Search API for HCL Domino Content, external Web Content featuring web coponents front ends as well as React- and XPages components.
  • ÎMPRISIS APG - a code generator for NERD (Node/Express/React/Domino) based Applications to be auto-created including IAM Authentication and Domino based front end components in REACT.

Links and Details to follow. That stuff is brand new.

All of these products are building blocks for our application modernization framework for Domino. Let's re-build applications with all the goodies of the FullStack JavaScript world plus the security of domino. And access all of your code to get back control of your assets !

Last but not least, here's the link to my slides from Engage:


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