After searching for so long for a feature comparison between Sametime 7.5.1, Notes 8 and the Expeditor base infrastructure, IBM does some clarification in the announcement letter for Lotus Expeditor 6.1.1:

Positioning with regard to Lotus Notes 8

Lotus Notes 8 software

                       Expeditor Client       Notes 8 Client

Sweet spot Line of business apps Messaging centric
Supported Devices Win32, Win2K, Windows Win32, Linux
Mobile, Linux
Rebranding of app X
Rich client UI X X
Web client X X
Offline portal client X X
Local database X (DB2e) Available via
separate download
Transactional X Available via
messaging separate download
Web services support X X
Client install MCI X X
Toolkit for rapid app X X
Real time X
Messaging X
Document management X
Productivity editors X
Team space X
Calendar, Contacts X
(and so on)

Lotus Notes 8

                         Expeditor Server    Domino(R) server

Data sync with X
relational data
High level X X
Fine grained X
provisioning (DMS)
Asynchronous X
Configurable "fit for X
purpose" client
Extend Rational X X
Environment to the

Positioning with regard to Lotus Sametime software

Lotus Sametime software includes a subset of Lotus Expeditor value that transforms it into an extensible platform for advanced collaboration. Lotus Sametime customers can buy Lotus Expeditor software to increase the ROI on their Sametime investment. Lotus Expeditor also embeds Lotus Sametime features. ( Note: A Lotus Sametime license is required to use these features.)


Features                 Lotus Expeditor    Lotus Sametime

Rich Client U/I Yes Yes
Web Client Yes Yes
Offline Portal Client Yes No
Local Relational Data Yes No
Transactional Yes No
messaging, container
Web services support Yes Yes
Local Business Logic Yes Yes
Client Install Yes No
(Network client


Features                Lotus Expeditor    Lotus Sametime

Middleware Gateway
Relational Data Sync Yes No
Trans Msg G/W Yes No
Provision/Update Yes Yes
Role-based Yes No


Features               Lotus Expeditor      Lotus Sametime

Toolkit for rapid Yes No
development and

You can find the complete positioning information here:

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