22 February 2012 Wednesday

PlayBook OS 2.0 - frist impressions

Hi everyone,

it's here - PlayBook OS 2.0 has finally arrived. I installed the build last night on my Pb 64Gb that was already running the developers beta - updated without any problems.

The most important functionality for me are the new PIM features - especially the connection to Lotus Traveler for Push Mail. The Messages app acts as a universal inbox from messages from different sources in my case from GMail, Traveler, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also works with POP and IMAP accounts.

So frist thing I did was setting up my accounts. This worked pretty easy and especially for the large e-mail providers very well - there's a gmail profile, so the setup automatically detects the settings for the account and I only needed to add an e-mail address and the password - the PlayBook figured out the rest. Setting up traveler was very straight foreward, too - "servername.domain.extension"/servlet/traveler as the server address and my credentials was all I really needed. Given that, contacts, mail and calendar entries fly down to the PlayBook like a charm !

I really LOVE the new contacts app that aggregates the profiles for people from my Notes contacts, BB contacts, Facebook and in my case LinkedIn. Another feature I instantly fell in love with is the people page in the calendar. It shows you the people you are meeting with on a particular day and you can hop off to the contacts profile from there - so you can get a very brief overview of who you will be talking to. Very nice.

Besides that - performance of the PlayBook is excellent, working offline with the new apps is working fine as well. The Video Chat feature is integrated into to contacts of a person as well - very nice indeed.

From my first impressions this is a HUGE step foreward for the BB PlayBook. It is now at least at par with the basic functionality I would ask from a tablet plus it adds its core strengths that have been there before - an excellent web browser, great multimedia features, multitasking and the gaming experience. Well done RIM !!!



P.S.: Sideloading Android Apps (kindle that is for me) works very well. This will close several gaps regarding base apps for the PlayBook.
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Phil Scott       24.02.2012 5:17:01

Hi Heiko,

I wasa just wondering if you know whether there are any settings which need to be set on the Traveler server to allow a playbook to connect because when I try to set mine up I get the error "service for account (my email address) is not available. Access should be available soon. [Error code: 403]".

I have set it up exactly as you have described (and have checked the settings against a working iPad).

Any help you can give would be appreciated so I can try and get our domino administrator to take a look because currently he keeps saying it is not possible!

filPhil       24.02.2012 12:01:08

Hi Phil, what is your Traveler version ?

Hi Heiko, i have some problem with the letters éèà, in some case they don't appears.

Do you meet this problem ?

Traveler version, Domino 8.5.3

Steve Hammond       24.02.2012 12:52:16

Hi Heiko

Ad Phil's Domino Administrator I think the issue is that we have restricted the device types that can attach to the Traveler server. In the ntsconfig file we have the line -

<PROPERTY NAME="ALLOWED_USER_AGENT_REGEX" VALUE="(Lotus Traveler Android)|(Apple-iPh)|(Apple-iPa)|(TravelerCompanion)"/>

What would we need to insert here for a Blackberry Playbook running the latest firmware?

Many thanks


Heiko Voigt    http://www.sit.de    24.02.2012 13:15:34

Hi guys,

I just checked the entry on my traveler server for the PlayBook - the device infos are as follows -

Device Name: RIM-Playbook

OS Type: RIM-Playbook/2.0

For an iPad this is:

Device Name: Apple-iPad1C1

OS Type: Apple-iPad1C1/901.405 (OS 4)

Looks like the Device Name is the one that needs to be added to the ntsconfig file... .

Like: ... |(RIM-Playbook)| ?

Regards, Heiko.

Philippe Ticheur       24.02.2012 13:59:03

All seems ok for me with

- Playbook os2

- Traveler

- Domino 8.5.3

but i have this message on the Domino's console "24/02/2012 13:52:21 Lotus Traveler: SEVERE CN=Philippe Ticheur/O=si-consultants Unexpected tag in Collection: Options" every 2 seconds

I also have the @filPhil's problem, for some mail i don't have accents but stranges characters. (not for all emails)

Heiko Voigt    http://www.sit.de/heikos-blog    24.02.2012 14:14:48

Hi Philippe,

I have the same log message sometimes (not every 2 seconds, more once or twice a day). I did not see any problems with umlauts or hyphens so far..

@All - please be aware that this is NOT a supported configuration yet. Similar problems happened with iOS5 and got fixed by a traveler update.


Philippe Ticheur       24.02.2012 14:52:27

Thank @Heiko and about stranges characters (i send you an email with an example) . Did you ever seen that ?