Harbour Light Software Development Ltd. announces their integration product IMPRISIS(tm) CA, a connector technology for Adobe WEM and IBM Connections that allows you to utilize IBM Connections Components in a Adobe WEM powered website.

We will be in Orlando next week to demo the solution - whoever is interested, get in touch with us !

Here's the announcement letter, more details on their website !

Harbour Light Software Development
announces IMPRISIS(tm) CA !

Shelburne, January 23rd 2014.
Harbour Light Software Development Ltd., a software development and consulting company focusing on social business solutions is pleased to announce the first product of their IMPRISIS(tm) family of integration products - IMPRISIS(tm) CA.

This new and unique solution offering connects two market leading product families - the social intranet platform IBM Connections and the web content management platform Adobe Web Experience Manager (WEM).
Using IMPRISIS(tm) CA, Adobe WEM customers can now leverage all of the social components that IBM Connections offers in a component based manner. They can create and re-use IBM Connections Components like

  • Forums
  • Wikis
  • Activity Streams
  • Bookmarks
  • and many more...
in their web presence projects within Adobe WEM. These components can be placed anywhere inside the web content, they follow the content flow of the surrounding web site.
IMPRISIS(tm) CA delivers a set of Sidekick components, that allow content authors to place IBM Connections components anywhere within their web sites. They can even create new IBM Connections components right from their Adobe Authoring environment !
The first version of IMPRISIS(tm) CA will focus on integrating IBM Connections components into Adobe WEM. Future versions will also offer integration the other way round - we are working on Embedded Experiences and Widgets for IBM Connections to consume Adobe WEM content.

Stay tuned for more !

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