25 October 2017 Wednesday

Domino 2025 ...


tonight there have been some big announcements coming from IBM about a strategic partnership between HCL and IBM to have HCL as the development partner to do the future development of a huge part of the ICS portfolio, including IBM Notes and Domino. I have not gathered all the details about this partnership yet and we will have to weigh what this means for customer, partners and the future of the product line, but at least this is progress.

This partnership includes the following products:

Notes (on premises and SmartCloud)
IBM Client Access
IMSMO (mail support for Microsoft Outlook)

Ed Brill provided a video about the future development process and the ideas for  participation:


So stay tuned, there's a ot more to come about this.
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Chy       30.10.2017 7:03:09

I wonder whether IBM used Watson to come to this conclusion? Question asked: "Watson, how can we get every little drop of profit out of Notes with minimal investment ?"