26 March 2019 Tuesday

C3UG: See us at Engage !

Hurray !

thanks Theo for picking up our session about:
What is Cool with Domino V10, Proton and Node.js, and why would I use it in my Domino Apps Anyway?

In this development oriented session, we will present an overview of the possibilities of extending your Domino dev environment to use Node.js and modern front end frameworks like React. What is it that makes these new tools so appealing? What do they give me that I didn’t have before? We will show you how to get started and how to make it all work with your Notes client apps. Using a simple questionnaire demo app we will show you how you can teach that legacy Domino dinosaur some cool new tricks. You will leave with the demo app and the source code to be productive in Domino V10 right away.

Co-IBM Champion and Co-C3UG staff member Graham Acres from Brytek in Vancouver and myself from Halifax will join forces in a East-Coast meets West-Coast presentation with a lot of sample and demo code to give away.

Come join us on Wednesday, May 15 | 11:30 - 12:30 | D. Minerva !

Image:C3UG: See us at Engage !
Thanks again to the team at #engageug - we are happy to be part of the show !
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