27 June 2017 Tuesday

What a workhorse.... (Update)

A customer calls...

this week we got a call from one of our customers using our web content management system SIT Portal DXP as the base for their web portal based on Domino. They were asking for a new sizing for their primary web server that was "... getting a little bit slow..." over the past months. To get some insight on what's happening at the server, we took a look at the web stats and I think they are quiet remarkable. The customer had consistently expanded the website to now 60 portals and a couple of thousand landing pages and it is still running on one Domino server !

Image:What a workhorse.... (Update)

Oh, and did I mention that this poor little server also is the web mail gateway for 500 internal users ?

Now, to be clear - that's not an environment that we recommend for a site of that size
but it clearly shows how capable a Domino web server is in a real world scenario. The server is a virtual linux box, 2 virtual processors, 16 4 GB RAM, managed by one part time admin who also does content management in the overall portal environment. The portal is bootstrap based fully responsive, etc... .

* Update - I stand corrected: the server had only 4 GB of RAM until Monday of last week. Then, my colleagues decided that it was about time to ease the pain a bit immediately.

Compare that to other web application servers - can you grow your infrastructure to that size using one machine ? I doubt it in a lot of cases and from an availability and load balancing aspect you would not do that. And of course we will be considering all of these aspects in the new sizing - the customer started small seven years ago and never had the desire to upgrade until this year and I guess by looking at the numbers here, that totally makes sense. We will also put a reverse / cache proxy up to reduce the load even more and taking the SSL burden away from Domino as well.

Can't wait to see this baby run with all the enhancements mentioned above :-).


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Comments (6)

Palmi       27.06.2017 12:23:23

I would love to see MS server do that

Jesper Kiaer    http://nevermind.dk    27.06.2017 13:26:16

The (work) horse in the barn...that IBM never really understood or appreciated

Lars Berntrop-Bos       28.06.2017 15:24:02

We run Domino for more than 2000 users, all using mail and a mix of applications, including LEI and XPages, on an IBM i with 18,5GB RAM. Amazing.

JP Liggett    http://www.NotesExperts.com    29.06.2017 3:48:13

Thats an excellent result. I really like the part about the bootstrap responsive sites. It's nice to see people saving money with IT.

Martin Luders       30.06.2017 19:39:47

A Domino server can take much more - but also any other web server. Technically in May it's 3 pages/second. That's not a lot for any web/app server.

Heiko Voigt    http://www.sit.de    02.07.2017 17:46:23

Well, you may be right - it depends on the pages that you deliver. The portal pages are dynamic by default so they are rendered each and every time they get called. As I also wrote, the server is acting as an SMTP gateway for 500 users as well in parallel and also hosts a second site, that add another 1/3 of the load that is on the chart. And if I look into LAMP/XAMPP stacks, the amount of data transfered would be a problem for the database handlers from first hand experience. Also other JEE environments require two or three app servers and load balancers to handle that load of dynamic content.

So, yes, the Domino Server can do much more (which it does in this environment) and as all the content is currently rendered dynamically you have to look at the amount of data transferred as well and this is a lot in this case.