we did it. Yesterday, we finished of our first installation of the new version 2.5 of Lotus Connections for a consulting company. It was a blank installation, but with all the nice things, that make a WebSphere based product a bit nasty - cluster, reverse proxys, multi-tier installation, load balancer and customizing of the front-end. I really appriciated our portal experince - a lot we knew helped us out. For the support staff at the customer though, it was a steep learning curve. We agreed on continuing support for them, as there are so many pieces of the puzzle that need to work smoothly together.
Yesterday, all 650 users were able to log in and start "connecting". It was quite interesting to see, how the first activities, communities and blogs popped up. Now I'm eager to see, how fast Connections gets a vital part of the environment there.

Went back to our office afterwards and did not get a panic call up until now, the next business day, yet. Good sign / bad sign ? I'm holding my breath.... .

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