31 December 2008 Wednesday

Happy new year !

Dear Blog-Readers,

2008 has been a very challenging year for me, as well from a personal aspect as well as from a business perspective. We had to change large parts of the team of our company and brought in several new guys into our organization. Finding them, convincing the customers to still trust us though we had big changes within the team kept me quite busy during the year.
Changing the focus in our sales team was also challenging - Lotus Foundations Start becomes a more and more important part of our business in conjunction with our VOIP Appliance Starface 3. These products need a complete different go-to-market strategy than our traditional consulting business though, so we had a lot to learn.
Looking foreward to 2009, the year starts with the first highlight - Lotusphere 2009 in January. Our own Lotusphere-Comes-To-You Event will take place on March 13th in Stuttgart, and the Agenda is already finalized, speakers and rooms are booked, so off we go !

See you,

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