24 November 2013 Sunday

About Me

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Who am I ?

You can find more information about my career and education at my LinkedIn profile.

So, what about me ?
  • I am the founder and CEO of SIT GmbH in Germany and Harbour Light Software Development Ltd. in Nova Scotia, Canada. We started in 1996.
  • Besides SIT, I'm selling wine through my company Codirosso
  • Canada became my love, especially Nova Scotia.
  • I love to play Tennis and Badminton and to go sailing.
  • I love good food, reading a good book, walking a beach, enjoying a beautiful sunset.

What am I doing today ?

I am working on IBM Collaboration Software products within my own company SIT GmbH.
A couple of years back, I started to work on Adobe AEM (aka Day CQ5). Also, I enjoy working for my customers on
various projects using the latest in web technology, mobile devices and business process optimizations.

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