just came across this statistic from one of our hosted servers for one of our customers. It's an SMB Customer, running an XWorks Server for their internal applications on 8.5.3.
All apps are XPages, used with mobile clients as well (we built some mobile xpages apps with JQuery Mobile)

Friday afternoon there's not much left going on, we host a CRM system there so sales seems to be gone fishing already.
There's a lot more going on on that system during the day. Anyways - awesome uptime for me !

Image:Domino 8.5.3 on Linux - a real workhorse !
Cheers, Heiko.
Heiko Voigt   |   12 April 2013 17:24:43   |    Domino  Linux    |  
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Matteo Bisi    http://blog.msbiro.net    13.04.2013 13:42:44

domino on linux rocks !