In a clustered environment with servers running Lotus® Domino® version 8.0 or later, streaming cluster replication (SCR) is implemented to create a low overhead solution for replication. You may find that replicas are not synchronized for various reasons. These reasons may include:

- Readers or authors fields not being updated

- Documents being moved to another folder and mysteriously reappearing in the original folder.

In addition, you may also receive the following error:

"ClientSCR: Error reading SCR object: RRV=xxxx Error-Invalid or nonexistent document"

There are currently a couple of known issues with SCR that have been reported to Quality Engineering:

  • SPR# BTRS7ECND4 reports that various fields within a document, such as readers or authors fields, do not replicate properly.
  • SPR# DCOE7FNNCV reports that documents moved from one folder to another reappear in the original folder. For example, an email message in the Inbox is moved to another folder in the mailfile, but then reappears in the Inbox.

In order to fully understand where SCR is failing, you can implement the following debug parameters in your notes.ini file:

DEBUG_SCR=128 (this is high verbose output)

For more information on the console log, refer to "Using Debug_Outfile on a Domino server", Document #1181562.

If you want to disable SCR completely and use regular clustered replication, do the following:

1. Add the following debug parameter in your notes.ini file:
(must be implemented on all cluster mates)
2. Clear the replication history.

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