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just a sneak preview on a tool I am working in my off time - I call it SIT Trailblazer. Its a Notes Application and an Eclipse Plugin that creates workflow-like trails around Notes Documents and URLs. It's aimed to make e.g. process documentation possible that is distributed in different Notes Databases and Intranet sites. SIT Trailblazer lets you organize content sources in heaps and link them together in trails. It then creates a standard walk-through interface in a Notes Database, an accessible table of content in the notes database and keeps track via an agent, if trail documents get updated or deleted.
The trails can me modeled using an Eclipse Plugin for Notes 8.x, which looks like this:

Image:From the SIT-Labs - SIT Trailblazer Alpha

Each node in the tree represents a notes document or an url. The content comes from ANY Notes database or URL, no recoding necessary. The documents are presented in a Notes  database (the first customer implementation still uses Notes 7 for most users, shame on me !) with Notes 8.5 as the content management clients. It presents the documents in a frameset and the URLs in the embedded browser.
Currently, I am working on a sidebar panel as composite app that shows the actual trail a user is walking through in a tree representation as shown above, with clickable nodes to directly access the particular document.

My question is - does anybody else find this a usefull application or is all this done by content mgmt. systems, wikis and hyperlinks ?

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