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So folks,

after a very successful IBM ConnectED in Orlando in January, I'm happy to say that we will be presenting at Social Connections VIII in Boston in April. In conjunction with Harbour Light Ltd. we will be demonstrating our experience in using IBM Connections as a social business middleware. By that, we are talking about using REST APIs of Connections to create components in a Web CMS that are able to leverage IBM Connections functionality in a fully customizable UI without the pain of modifying the Connections UI itself.
"Hit it like you mean it !" became the refrain for us when it comes to the Connections REST APIs - we show you why and how we worked our way through the features and shortcomings of the API. In our presentation "Playing LEGO with IBM Connections" we also demonstrate the beautiful UI options that we came up with - and yes, we will show code as well !

Please check out the Agenda and our session here !

We are glad to be part of the group of presenters at Social Connections VIII which really features a great lineup this year ! See you all in Boston and stay tuned for more integration components withIBM Software and Adobe AEM !

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