30 November 2007 Friday

KlickTel for Notes - 1st Composite App

Dear friends of Notes 8,

this week, we finished the work on our first Composite Application using our to-be-released product KlickTel for Notes. KlickTel for Notes is a Tool to search & retrieve correct address data from Mail Files and other Notes Databases, in our case e.g. Kumatronic DocHouse CRM. It offers a server-based search engine to look up address fragments and complete/update them in the appropriate application. Within the Mail database, the tool scans e-mails for signatures and other address fragments, checks them on the server and lets you transfer the completed address record to your personal contacts or any other attached application.
The following picture discribes the architecture of the solution, the screenshot below shows the composite app working with the inbox as the source.

Image:KlickTel for Notes - 1st Composite App
Image:KlickTel for Notes - 1st Composite App

1) Select Mail - Scan for address fragments
2) Show fragments in Address Selction window
3) Start search in KlickTel database, show matches in address matches dialog
4) Add / update record in personal contacts.
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