17 May 2007 Thursday

Linux Experiences

So this is my first blog entry coming from Notes 8 Beta 2 running on a SLED10 Laptop. Ingnoring Linux as a desktop operating system for very long by personal experience, I now found the time to get my feet wet on this turf.
To just get an easy start, I picked up an old Fujitsu Siemens Centrino Notebook with 40 Gig Harddisk, 512 Meg RAM and an 1.6 Ghz Pentium M. I just picked SLED 10 as the distribution of choice, as this is recommended for Notes 8 and Sametime 7.5.1. As a beginner, UBUNTU was also on my list, but as I wanted to play around with Notes 8, I just took the easy way home.
Installing SLED10 was very straight foreward - network, graphics (including 3D effekts and hardware accelleration) was very smooth. Printers were detected correctly and after 1 hour of updating packages from the web, the system was up and running GNOME as the desktop. Performance was ok, including OOo and Firefox as the browser.
I then installed Sametime 7.5.1 on top, which also went as described, running rpm installer as root user and everything get's added to the startup menu directly. Configuring Sametime to my default community and taking my ST-Profile from there went well. Currently, I can't connect to a second community - I have to check, whether this is a ST issue or something from my firewall.
Installing Notes 8 BETa 2 was also easy, but it took a reboot to add the program launch icons to the gnome desktop. Sametime did not require a reboot - beta vs. golden code?
Image:Linux Experiences
So this is a screenshot from my Notes 8 Desktop on Linux. Sametime goes like this:

Image:Linux Experiences

I will try to add our ST and Notes Plugins as a next step and give the installation a try - currently, I'm not missing that much (except for domino designer & admin), but as I worked with OOo on Windows for two years now, switching platforms was easier than I thought. Keep you posted !
[UPADTE] Running Notes 8, ST and OOo in parallel, I needed to throw another 512 MB of RAM onto the machine. With 1 Gb it's ok now.
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