11 January 2007 Thursday

Lotusphere - no surprises

Mary Beth Raven is the lead product designer for the "Hannover" project, a redesign of Lotus Notes. She now clarified expectations about public beta versions of Notes 8 at Lotusphere.
Quotes from her Blog:

"...One of the purposes of this blog is that the actual release of Notes 8 should have no surprises. I want to involve the user community in every possible phase, and be clear about what is and is not happening in the release.

To that end, I do want to let you all know that, to my knowledge, there are no plans to distribute CDs for a public beta at Lotusphere.  
I do not want folks being disappointed.
IBM hasn't said we'd have one available at Lotusphere.
You will, however, be able to see and use a recent build of Hannover  in the Meet the Developer lab, in our User experience lab, and elsewhere. ..."

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