29 February 2008 Friday

Lotusphere Comes To You - done !


Our lotusphere comes to you event is done ! 75 customers, 12 presenters, several demos and products to showcase - great fun.
At 6.00 pm on a friday, there were still about 70 people left over after the last session to apply for one of the three mobile navigation systems we gave away.
After doing four one hour pitches, a lot of talking in the breaks inbetween, my voice is almost gone this evening and I'm really, really tired after getting up at 4:30 am this morning, to set up all the demos and stuff as early as possible this morning at the IBM location in Vaihingen/Stuttgart today.

Besides a big "thank you" to all the participants,  I have to say a big "thank you" to all the people who helped us making this event happen:
  • DNUG an AVNET as our Sponsors
  • The speakers from our customer VR Kreditwerk AG (Birgit Krüger, Jochen Müller, Matthias Kraft)
  • The IBM PSC Stuttgart (Wolfgang Hahl, Beate Knöpfle and Steffen Güntzler)
  • The Speakers from IBM Software Group (Volker Jürgensen, Stefan Neth, Dr. Peter Schütt, Frank Hartmann and Rene Werth)
  • Frank Wölfel from FW-COM, Stefan Nowak & Stefano Giaccaglia from AETHRA SPA
  • and last, but really not least my colleagues from SIT (Susanne Katz,Georg Karsch, Dirk Pörschke & Martin Krauss)

Thank you all for doing such a great job today - I really appreciated it & enjoyed the day !

Best news was waiting for me when I returned home and opened my e-mail - SIT GmbH is now officially a design partner for Notes/Domino "Next" and Domino Designer on Eclipse ! Thank you IBM Westford, you really made my day !!!

BTW, I am collecting the presentations and we will make them available as soon as possible on http://www.dnug.de and http://www.euluc.com.
After CeBIT - I promise....

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