Today was the day.

As I have my "the geek plays around" Palm Pre for over a month, I now found the time to set up a Lotus Traveler Server and connect the Pre to it. Yep, for now, this is not supported - but, hey, it's working ! So far I'm very impressed:
  • Creating a new server id: 3 Minutes
  • Setting up Domino: 1/2 hour
  • Setting up Traveler: 15 minutes
  • Fiirewall stuff, SSL & Co. 15 minutes
  • Connecting the Pre and syncing Contacts, Mail & Calendar: 5 Minutes

So, overall: 1 hour 08 minutes from scratch.

Great Job IBM, great Job Palm !

Now, that's what I call "consumability" - who tells the freakin' Sametime developers for 8.5 how to do this ????

That's it for today - gotta stress my Pré a bit more....

Heiko Voigt   |   5 March 2010 19:46:01   |    Lotus  Traveler  Palm  Pre    |  
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Edgar    21.08.2010 10:35:30

My Palm Pre used to work beautifully with my corporate Traveler server, until the IT security people closed port 80. Now the Traveler server expects the Palm to connect on port 443 using SSL. When trying to add the account on my Pre, it fails with a message that the server's security certificate is not trusted. Any ideas on how to get around this? I see in your post you mentioned setting up SSL.