25 June 2012 Monday

Mobile XPages & SIT Portal DXP


it has been quiet around here for some time - so I thought it might be a good idea, to talk a little bit about the stuff I was dealing with lately and especially about some fun stuff here. The most time-consuming project im working on currently is a web content management project using Adobe CQ5 5.5. Very interesting project, great tool and a great project team.

Nevertheless, one of my side-shows drew my attentions as well - my first mobile web application integration into our SIT Portal DXP framework. I have developed an extension for SIT Portal DXP to handle mobile versions of the web portal using XPages and JQueryMobile.
I was highly impressed about the combination of Domino/XPages and JQueryMobile - easy to use, reliable and delivering excellent results. Fun coding all the way.

I was doing a presentation on that topic at DNUG two weeks ago - please find the slides below.


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