3 February 2011 Thursday

My Lotusphere Recap so far

Good morning,

it's thursday morning, right after breakfast in the atlanctic hall in the Dolphin Hotel in Orlando Florida. I decided to sit down before the next sessions start and try to verbalize a few thoughts about this years 'sphere, as it will soon be ending.

As a business partner, the show started for me already on sunday with Business Development Day. The themes of a social business that got repeated during the whole conference commenced already there, but still a bit fuzzy and not really layed out to quickly understand and follow the ideas behind it, at least, not for me ;-). The fuzziness continued for me on monday during the OGS which for me was kind of uninspiring, leaving me with some strange feeling of a gap - what is it to come ? What makes the so called "social" difference ?

 It took me a few keynotes and sessions longer to make up a working picture for me, and thanks to Scott Prager and his Bluepring session on Vulcan, I think I got the message. For me, it's about giving customers and partners the opportunity to extend their capabilities and use the best pieces of social networks, applications, crowd wisdom, etc. and combine it with processes, tools and componentes they already have or potentially built in the future. IBM Lotus provides infrastructure (cloud, on premises and hybrid) to support theses moves as well as software building blocks, blueprints and services to move down that path. And this tooling allows partners to bring in their solutions and become a service provider in this social world. So this 'sphere was a more strategic one, less product and feature focused, but interesting, nethertheless.

To all of you out there having seen these sessions as well - please verify my personal takeaway and correct me if I got it wrong or missing important parts.

Anyhow - the geek in me was really happy to see the technical future of Domino - OSGi. I can't emphasize this change in the server platform enough. For me, being able to bring OSGi-Bundles into the Domino Server offers so much potential for me like the XPages innovation or the Eclipse Notes Client in the past years. Domino will get an OpenSocial Container. Maybe we will be able to run Java middleware componts like ESBs in a Domino Server. A great enhancement, I'm really keen to see, what ideas business partners will come up with for that. I have some, but I won't tell right now ;-).

Another hidden gem was the announcement of the Social Business Appliance - a pre-configured VM based toolset, based on Domino, Connections and Sametime 8.5.x, all pre-configured with the Social Business Toolkit to get a quick start in application development into the new vulcan driven product line.

So, for me, there was lot's to see and learn, I see some really interesting opportunities with this future directions coming up.

Beside the Lotus hipe, I was finally able to get my hands on an iPad (travelled with me this week) and the Blackberry Playbook. While I really put the iPad away after some days of excitement, the Playbook really rocks. Performance, graphics power, HDMI and 1080p on a LCD TV,  USB connection to bring files and apps to the device - this is much more open device than the iPad and much more powerfull than the currently existing android tablets. Can't wait to really get one, live.

What else ? I took ten rides on the hulk last night at the party - given that the hulk is still my favorite rollercoaster. I agreed with a dutch girl during breakfast this morning that the best place on the hulk is in the back - it's just like sitting at the end of a whagging dog tail. Really cool.

After this week, we will start to prepare our LCTY in march contentwise, trying to get the stuff from here to there. It was a good Lotusphere so far. Worth the time and money spent to come here.

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