28 January 2008 Monday

NSFDB2 - considered for real ?

Hi folks,

during Lotusphere I had an interesting yet short discussion with an IBM Vice President regarding NSFDB2. He pointed out, that the feature was not that important to his concern, as very few customers asked for it and used it in the past. His comment was "What use does it have storing mail files in DB2 ? There is no better container for mails and attachments than the NSF Container".
Well, regarding e-mail, I totally agree. I pointed out during the discussion that the story of NSFDB2 is a chicken-egg problem to me. In ND 7, it was installable but neither stable nor functionally complete or even released and supported completely. ND 8, where all the problems are addressed now, is out only for a few months now.
I know a lot of my customers who tried NSFDB2 in ND 7. They put it away again, due to the reasons mentioned above. Recently, I gave a demo again at one of our customers, using NSFDB2 and DB2-Features to integrate several large CRM Notes Databases into few DB2-Views and putting a portlet (actually my first one I wrote with portlet factory) in front of it, to do data analysis and graphics from this data. Performance was excellent, and we achieved a goal, our customer tried to achieve for years - real-time access to CRM data with KPI-Reportings in their portal, using their whole data set at once.
So - for me, NSFDB2 offers the opportunity for data integration of Domino data in the relational world, where reporting and mass data handling is so much more efficient than in Notes and Domino. We have this feature now, "production ready", for a few months and I strongly ask IBM to keep it and emerge it to the use cases where it actually brings a lot of value to the domino world.
What do you all think about NSFDB2 ? What are your impressions/suggestions ?


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