25 April 2013 Thursday

Web Development - Some nice tools


Lately, I have been working on an XPiNC Project in parallel to a project for a Web CRM System based on XPages. As we also created the web layout (and me not being the greatest designer at all or, to be honest, I am not at all good at that), I came across a few tools that did some nice jobs for me and that I would like to share. They all are online resources and a lot of you might know them already.

The first tool is Color Explorer by Kim Jensen, a tool that helps creating matching color palettes to get a color theme for your website. I used it a lot working with bootstrap themes.

The second one is PlaceIt by breezi which lets you put images into mobile device image frames like an iPad or an iPhone. It will create an image like this:

Image:Web Development - Some nice tools
PlaceIt creates PNG Files that can by rather large - to compress them nicely, I use my third tool: tinyPNG by voormedia. It compresses PNG files very well without visible artefacts.

As online resources, I usually can access them even at customer sites to do some quick fixes. Nice tools, I think, check them out, hope you like them, too !

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