30 April 2010 Friday

Palm & HP

What an announcement,

One day after the annoucement that HP will buy Palm, I am slightly positive, that this will help some good peaces of technology (Palm Pre and WebOS) to survive in the mobile market. Regarding the financial and technological capacity of HP, Palm seems to have finally found a solid new home and I'm really looking foreward to new devices and WebOS releases.

This will also help the sales figures for Palm devices - now, the security is there that yo do not buy a dead product / platform when turniung to a Pre or a Pixi. And finally - I hope IBM will soon be able to deliver a supported Lotus Traveler for the WebOS stack - there's not a long way to go !

HP puts itself back in the ring of an state-of-the-art mobile phone and mobile platform provider - not a bad move so far. I'm really keen to see some more of the joint strategy from HP and Palm in the near future. When the dust clears, we'll see whether Palm will rise again or just dorm to death in the arms of HP. I hope for the best !

Having alternative products and platforms to choose from is something I really appreciate, especially when I look at the (for me) irritating and embarrasing behaviour of Apple in this segment over the last weeks and months. We need choice - and Palm's survival is another piece of choice that keeps this market open and moving.

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Craig Wiseman    http://www.Wiseman.La/cpw    30.04.2010 20:09:02


Additionally, if you want to see how multi-tasking on a mobile device .should. work, look at WebOS.

Or HyperCard from the early 90s - pretty much the same thing.