since about two months now, I have two smartphones for a longer testing phase in parallel use. Not the most common combination I guess, nevertheless interesting in daily use for me. So, after having them in parallel for quite some time, I can write down a few comparisions:

BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • positive:
    • Rock solid e-mail machine.
    • Fast, reliable, after configuring my home wifi zones at the office and at home, it automatically switches to best and least cost connections
    • The new linked.in app is cool stuff to mee
    • The most used app is blackberry messenger. The easiest way for me to chat with my colleagues and friends, send pictures, sound files and videos
    • The Bold has a good camera, enough space out of the box and compared with my old bb, it's really fast
    • Lotus Notes Mail, Calendar, Contact sync is a snap as always
    • Migration from my old bb was done in a snap without losing a bit of content
    • Battery lifetime is ok - three business days including mail and phone usage
    • Programming Interfaces to Notes using the Java SDK is really easy
  • negative:
    • the browser - I am really missing WebKit
    • Lotus Sametime eats up the battery like crazy, so I don't use it heavily
    • Expensive infrastructure using BES
    • Quickr app currently only for Quickr J2EE and no "run your business" version for Business Partners

Palm Pré
  • positive:
    • Interface, Interface, interface: the user experience is just great and intuitive to me. Also, the card paradigm and multitasking is really great
    • Integration with Lotus Traveler was a snap - I wish, IBM would support the Pré with the Traveler functions
    • Mail-Interface is way better than the bb experience, so is the calendar interface
    • WebKit Browser and rendering engine makes mobile web really usefull
    • Size of the device is really a good compromise between display size and handyness of the device itself
    • Wifi Integration and Bluetooth integration, tethering with homebrew
  • negative:
    • Battery lifetime, hardly a day, which is way too short
    • Lacking Sametime - I did not look for an alternative app yet - can someone recommend one ?
    • Market development - not sure, if Palm will be able to keep up

So, as a result, I would not prefer one over the other. For my main business, the Blackberry is perfect as a rock solid infrastructure. It has all I need to go through a business day without opening my laptop. For my wine shop, the Pré is perfect as well - good phone, good web enigne and all appointments and mails at hand as well. Checking out a website of a wine maker ? Hard on the BB, easy on the Pré. And - the Pré has some understatement. If I had an iPhone, I would get a lot of ironic comments - the Pré looks just like ANY mobile phone, even though it is much much more. Would I buy the two again ? For the same two scenarios - yes. But I will have a look and Android for the future - maybe that plattform will make me do with only one device.

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    Peter Meuser    http://Http://itlab.de    31.03.2010 0:19:13

    Why do you feel BES to be expensive? Did you ever get to know a company who has really to pay for the licenses?

    I collect similar experiences with BB and iPhone:

    { Link }


    Heiko Voigt    http://www.sit.de    31.03.2010 8:30:43

    Hi Peter,

    yes, I know several, almost every customer companies that had to pay license fees.

    It's also mostly more expensive to buy voice and data rates for the bb devices than for others. So it's not the cheapest platform to go with. But - a Mercedes isn't the cheapest car as well and there are still some good reasons for a lot of people to buy one :-).