I really start to like this !

Today, I attended my first virtual meeting with my new Blackberry Playbook and Adobe Connect Mobile on it. SIT has an Acrobat.com account to host web meetings. While one of my customer was hosting the meeting, I attended with the playbook on a WiFi connection, sharing video and audio and also broadcasting video back up to the meeting. I was really impressed about how fluent the presentation, screen sharing and audio/video connection to the playbook worked out - to be fair, I really had an excellent wifi connection. But anyways - the audio and video stream had at least Skype quality - really impressive and a tablet is much handier for web meetings than a laptop, So what I see so far, the AIR performance on the playbook is really good. And Adobe Connect Mobile seems to become my first really usefull business app on a tablet - I have to check out the iOS version in comparison.

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