24 September 2010 Friday

Music: hidden gem - Ian Janes

Hi all,

DISCLAIMER ! This time I would like to share some music recommendations with you - so all you "Lotus-only" minded people - go away ! :-)

While spending our summer business vacation once again in beautiful atlantic canada, we were visiting the opening concert of the beautiful open air stage at Lockeport, Nova Scotia. They built a great little open air stage there that looks like on of the lighthouses you see when driving down the lighthouse route. It's a real beauty - so, if you ever travel Nova Scotia and there's a concert at the "Seacaps lighthouse stage" - make sure you plan for a visit !

Image:Music: hidden gem - Ian Janes

Three bands hit the stage on august 14th, with the "Northern Pikes" as the main act. However, there was one guy (in my opinion) that outperformed the main act clearly - Ian Janes from Halifax. A lot of times, the warm-up gigs are better than the main act, but this time, it was really stunning. Ian put down a perfect performance with perfect sound, voice and instruments, really excellent. If you like the music from Norah Jones and Amos Lee, you should definitely check out Ian's music. He's 25 years old,has a fantastic voice and is a real live performer - truly a hidden gem for me, as I never heard anything from him before.

His last album is called "Piece of mine":

Image:Music: hidden gem - Ian Janes

You can find out more about him and listen to his songs on his website ianjanes.com

I would really like to see that guy becoming really popular ! Go, listen, buy !

regards, Heiko
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