17 September 2010 Friday

XPAGES Workflow Egine ready


I have been quite busy during the past months in migrating an existing workflow application, based on our Workflow Engine "SIT Workflow" over to an XPAGES based hybrid application that allows mix and match of Notes-based and Web (XPages that is) Workflows. Here are some screenshots of the application that will be in production at our customer in october.

The Xpages stuff is based on the excellent Xpages UI Framework from Steve Castledine form OpenNTF. The customer decided to go with a standard layout and only extend certain elements and create their own theme to customize colours and layouts to different users from different subsideries.

This is a screenshot from the "inbox" view:

Image:XPAGES Workflow Egine ready

The next screenshot shows the list of electronic forms aka workflows that can be initiated. This is a rough demo - the real workflow names are different.

Image:XPAGES Workflow Egine ready

We also played around with dojo charting do start with some mashup type of application - this also only a rough demo now. It reads the current process instances from the database and displays the sum of active, ended and pending instances  in a chart. Currently, we are working on personalizing this for each user to show workflows that are due for certain ammounts of time.

Image:XPAGES Workflow Egine ready

The workflow engine behind the user interface routes the process instances according to a process model that can be defined by a visual designer. The designer can import eand export BPEL structures so we can easily migrate process models to and away from the engine. The designer is currently a Visual Basic component - but we are also looking into migrating that to an eclipse plugin later this year, so everything can "live" in the Notes Client. As I said, we can mix & match the browser and the notes client to interact with the process instances. We can also integrate this engine into our XPages Portal (SIT Portal DXP) to have a process engine for workflows and electronic forms in there as well.

Very interesting project - looking foreward to writing more about it !

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